Riaan is a Ph.D. student and researcher studying change management in manufacturing supply chains in the wake of digital transformation. Riaan’s previous research has focused on psychophysical interactions in virtual reality and co-design for change. Riaan is an organizational change leader with experience leading large multi-national change and adoption initiatives. Riaan also has experience working with Ed-tech portfolios and startups as a result of his participation in the South African-Swiss Joint Research Programme and his consulting work for South Africa’s Technology Innovation Agency, where he assists startups in incubation and acceleration programs. Riaan worked in education and training, facilitating and developing curriculum activities and community development programs in collaboration with the Goethe Institut, the German Agency for International Cooperation, and the South African Innovation Hub.

Research Interests
Digital Transformation, Codesign, Change Management and Cooperation, Human-Computer Interaction, Human Resources Management, Business Strategy


riaan bothma