Brief Overview of James Sunney Quaicoe

James Sunney Quaicoe has respective experiences from working at the various levels of the educational system in Ghana (from the basic school to the tertiary level). In addition, he has worked as an educational administrator in the capacity of Assistant Director of Education in the Ghana Education Service. Internationally, James is teaching Erasmus Plus Teacher Training Courses across Europe. He holds a professional teaching certificate in addition to Teacher Diploma in Technology Education, Bachelor’s degree in Technology Education, Master’s degrees in Educational Administration, and ICT in Education. James is an international pioneer of Tallinn University – School of Digital Technologies’ doctoral program in Information Society Technologies. Presently, is a research fellow in Digital Transformation and Lifelong Learning. He teaches various courses relating to students’ research activities, interdisciplinary studies, and international perspectives of digital innovation in schools.

Research Interests

Digital Learning Ecosystems, school digital innovation, change management and educational administration; as well as Technology-mediated learning/training design, teacher development for digital literacy and technology uptake, Digital transformation for Lifelong and Seamless learning, Digital divide, school-based digital teaching and learning interventions, and workplace learning (digital competence for online learning engagement), intercultural competence assessment and development, and University-Enterprise Cooperation.


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